Asset Management

As accredited Asset Management specialists, we have a leading in house team of domain specialists and best resources for onsite physical asset protection. We offer project-specific Asset Management schemes, providing a total package to specific markets including clients requiring full command and control facility and support.

BSSNOSS specialise in safeguarding property and assets, protecting individuals, customers and staff, allowing all to operate without disruption or fear.

Security Solutions

Security today is of paramount importance. No one can deny the importance of good physical security and we have best in country resources for physical security nation wide but the days when it alone could be relied upon have disappeared into the past.

Fortunately, today’s security professionals can choose from many business security options, thanks to technology providing many cost-efficient ways to improve security for everyone. Low cost options can be as simple as locks and barriers, good lighting, staff awareness training and even landscaping.

Asset protection

Advances in technology provide a plethora of electronic security devices too, such as CCTV control rooms, IP CCTV camera systems and more effective in recovery by tagging your precious assets with GPS trackers, as well as access control solutions and integrated systems. That is why we provide you with many advanced solutions when you’re choosing business asset management systems from us.

Access Control

Our selection of access control and visitor management systems includes secure solutions specially designed for turnstiles, gates, barriers and IP-based entrance control devices.

Barrier systems can be accessed by a variety of means, from swipe cards, to proximity tokens, PIN entry keypads to biometric security devices. These all enhance security into your work premises by closely monitoring who is leaving and entering your property.

Our access control systems can be designed around existing hardware to provide an effective solution for a single site, or multiple sites across the country.

Surveillance & Monitoring

Without a reliable onsite surveillance system at semi/unmanned or remote sites, a machinery malfunction or progressing security event, such as theft, intrusion, property damage, or vandalism will not be detected in time – preventing responders to act quickly. This delay can lead to compromised asset and workforce safety, greater product loss, or more costly repair.

BSSNOSS fixed and trailer surveillance solutions, featuring thermal imaging and video analytics with motion detection technologies, provide:

  • 24/7 (day/night) monitoring
  • Automatic real-time detection
  • Instant alerting with photo/video for fast verification
  • Low nuisance alarm rate (with environmental filter and image stabilization)
  • Analytics fine tuning
  • Hardware & software (video analytics) scalability
  • Friendly to the environment (clean energy)
  • Remote access (SC/WebView) to video feeds, alarms, settings, and camera controls

Response Services

Being best in the country security specialist, we have both Reactive and Proactive response approaches. Our project based QRF stand alert 24/7 on call and our more efficient hotlines never delay to active them for reactive response services.

On the other hand our best specialists collect incident history, analyse it properly and make a prevention plan on a proactive approach.