Over Drafting Solutions

Based on user recharge behaviour, Subscriber gets over drafted dynamically. Our Preparatory & patented scoring mechanism Intelligently analyse customer recharging behaviour, performs Segmentation and grant advance amount to subscriber.

Key Features

  • Subscriber will get the advance in a seamless manner once opted in.
  • Customer segmentation based on recharge behavior data
  • Subscriber other services (data session/voice calls etc..) are not interrupted
  • While availing the additional balance.
  • Upon customer’s next recharge, over drafted balance gets recovered.

Key Benifits

  • Increase in Customer Loyalty
  • SIM swap gets decreased
  • Increase in ARPU with no rick to the operator
  • Increase in subscriber base
  • Customer Experience

What we Offer?

  • BSSNOSS provides best practices to drive operators business
  • Needs & manages the risk for operator in losing money.
  • We guarantee the recovery of all Advances in case of user churn
  • We offer Advance Balance as Managed Services.
  • 24.7 professional supporting services.