Cyber Security Solution

Organizations invest a lot on compliance initiatives such as ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, IT Service Management etc. A lot of these initiatives end up being on “Company Portal” with employees having no awareness on those policies and what are the impacts if they don’t comply.

Its Time to be “CyberWise”

  • CyberWise enables you to focus on people within the organization from cyber security perspective.
  • CyberWise contains modules for “Security Awareness Management” and “Corporate Compliance Management”
  • CyberWise empowers a CISO to enable the culture of security awareness and compliance within the organization

Key Benifits

  • Automation & Awareness of Corporate Security Policies
  • Manage Cyber Security Awareness Campaigns
  • Provides reports on Cyber Readiness from people perspective
  • Empowers CISO to embed Cyber Security in Organization Culture